What a show!

I am told it was our best one yet and I am inclined to agree.
Each and every one of you were brilliant. I would find it impossible to select a favourite number as each one was so enjoyable.

All the performances were fantastic but on Saturday the atmosphere was electric. It was a joy to be among so many happy faces at the side of the stage. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

It may take a little time before I can tell you how much money we made for ECHO as there are several bills yet to come, but be assured that I will let you know as soon as I have the exact amount.

Photos will be available shortly and the DVD’s will take a few weeks (keep checking the website for updates). Be patient, believe me they are worth waiting for!! (DVD’s can be ordered here).

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments so come on …….if I can manage to leave messages I’m sure you can.

Thanks again to teachers, pupils parents and grandparents for all of the hard work dedication and support you have given over the past few weeks. I hope you will agree it was worth it.


Christine Hepworth

Dress Reheasal – Well done everyone!

That was a really excellent dress rehearsal. I could not have asked for more from you today. Most of you only had one run through so I will let you off if you didn’t smile. However, there will be no excuses on Thursday Friday and Saturday!!! You all looked terrific today …………all that is needed now is the SUNSHINE OF YOUR SMILES. Remember that you will probably all get a DVD of the show and in the years to come you don’t want to watch yourself and wonder why you didn’t smile. Try it …it’s easy!!!!
See your happy faces on Thursday.

Mrs H xx


PS Hopefully there will be some photos from today’s dress rehearsal very late tonight (or maybe tomorrow).

Ready for the Dress Rehearsal

The costumes are all packed up and ready to be delivered to Richmond school Tuesday morning, the lights are all set and the sound and lighting crew are awaiting your arrival. Be there for 12-30pm

We want to make this our slickest show ever. Let’s start by giving Dress Rehearsal everything we’ve got. We need lots and lots of smiles to show off all your wonderful dances and super costumes. You are a great bunch and I am really proud of you all.

A word of thanks to Mark Ellison (Katherine’s Dad) who has stepped in at the last minute to do the ‘Follow Spot’ for us. Good luck Mark, I hope it doesn’t get too hot up there.

Thanks also to Mark Milton (Tabytha & Imogen’s Daddy) who turned up at the Dance Centre today just as we began to load up all the costume boxes. We really appreciated your help Mark thank you.
Favourite name for today……….it’s Mark, of course

Remember to enjoy your performance and that will pass over to your audience and help them to enjoy watching you. Most of all HAVE FUN.

Christine Hepworth

Last Week of Rehearsals!

Here we are in our last week of rehearsal. Everywhere I look I sense a mounting exciment. Routines are looking more slick and it is good to see the final polish being applied with such good humour. I keep coming across little groups of people,young and old, practising in strange places. One group was spotted practising their pointe work in the loos and this evening whilst vworking at my desk in the office I became aware of some keen tappers practising in the upstairs ‘quiet room’above me. I came to the conclusion that the word ‘quiet’ has been suspended for the run up to the show …………. it will be reinstated though!

Tuesday’s dress rehearsal will soon be here. It will be madness I know, but we will make it good with help from everyone involved.

It is going to be our best show yet, because you have all worked so hard.
I think you are all absolutely brilliant. Just keep up the hard work. We are just about ready.

Christine Hepworth

C’mon you kids you have competition.

I have watched both of the Ladies Tap Classes and they are fantastic.

Every one of them looks as though they are having fun……..even when they get the steps wrong! Surely you aren’t going to let them outshine you are you? You have all got brilliant routines, fab costumes and lots of people coming to see you. You have got 30 days to make it our best show yet. Let’s go for it and enjoy every minute of this special time.


Reduced number of tickets this year

Tickets are now on sale @ £5.50 and £4.00(concessions: OAPs & under 16′s). We are strictly restricted in the numbers we are allowed to have in the the hall because of fire risk and insurance restrictions.

Saturday night is always the most popular, therefore tickets go very quickly. We have about 80 tickets less than we normally have for that night so if you think you may want tickets you need to get them soon. Once they have gone we really won’t be able to squeeze another one in no matter how much we would like to sell more tickets.
Don’t despair if you do leave it too late for Saturday. Thursday and Friday are equally good shows!!!!!


Making Costumes

Christine has plenty of volunteers helping her with the costumes.

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Christine and helpers